What is common in Viet Nam, weird in elsewhere – Fun facts about Viet Nam

We all agree that every country has its own cultures and customs, so does Viet Nam. Let’s me tell some interesting things which may only have in my country.

1. Karaoke Store:

Well, how about karaoke in your country. Viet Nam style karaoke stores are quite unique, people often gather in a respective room and sing together which is absolutely fun since they can sing and dance freely.

Vietnamese enjoy karaoke room

2. Vietnamese siesta:

Every so often, Vietnamese take a nap after they have lunch. It takes about a half or an hour as they think that it is a great way to relax and refresh their minds.

A common scene in Viet Nam

3. Drinking iced beer:

Where can you drink beer with ice? It’s in Viet Nam. In fact, when you go to drinking places, you could easily catch sight of the iced beer which is weird compared with another country. It’s believed that drinking beer with ice is easier and not-so-long waiting.

Drinking beer with ices

4.Brushing teeth before breakfast:

Vietnamese often brush their teeth before breakfast.

One of the Vietnamese morning rituals is brushing teeth before breakfast while in many countries they do the opposite. The reason for this could be that Vietnamese often have breakfast outside.

5. Universities in Viet Nam

What might shock you is Viet Nam has a mixed variety of university. There are many specific universities such as University of Engineering and Technology, University of Languages, Viet Nam National University, University of Science and so on.

Universities in Viet Nam