What do locals like to do in Da Nang?

When in Vietnam, do as the locals do. 

When you’re in Vietnam, you have all the time in the world to indulge in your own pursuits, what would you do with your time? You might be curious about what local people do with their time? While everybody goes through life in their own ways, if you comb through them you’ll see a certain pattern. In this post, we’d like to share with you 10 activities that the locals engage in on a daily basis. So follow our tips to experience Da Nang like a local:

1. Doing morning exercises

Wake up early around 5 A.M and you’ll be surprised by the atmosphere here. It’s not as quiet as you would imagine. You’d hear the sounds of people opening shops, getting ready for another glorious day. If you go for a walk, you’d definitely spot health-conscious locals roaming freely in their natural habitat.

We love this brief moment of Da Nang before it goes into full flight. It’s truly majestic to watch as locals do hamstring stretches on the payments or bike around to maintain good health. The two special places you can experience it are on Bach Dang Street and at the seashore of My Khe Beach. This is a memorable experience you won’t forget.

2. Drinking coffee 

Sipping a cup of coffee in the morning has become an indispensable habit of the locals.  We are very proud of our quality coffee brand – Trung Nguyen coffee – with its strong flavor and bitterness. Trung nguyen coffee has won many people’ hearts, no matter their age. Many of our travelers love it too when they try coffee with coconut, egg or milk. They all enjoyed it! If you are a coffee lover, definitely try and tell us in the comments below about your Vietnamese coffee experience.

3. Going fishing

When the air is warm, people (mostly middle-aged and older) would take out their rods and go to the river to enjoy a sunny afternoon of fishing with friends.  Fishing is an excellent way to relieve stress: watching the calm flow of water, sitting around chatting and daydreaming. They stay that way for a long time…so team up with a local friend as it takes perfect timing and local knowledge with everchanging natural elements to score on days like this.

4. Shopping 

Local people love shopping but shopping centres or supermarkets aren’t their regular visits. They come to the local market or night market instead to get fresh food and clothes for reasonable prices. You should check out Con market or the night markets located on Hung Vuong Street. Despite being quite busy, the stall owners always welcome us with pretty smiles.

5. Enjoying street food

Frankly speaking, it’s very hard for anyone to say “No” to Da Nang cuisine. The street food here will leave a big smile on your face every time and serve to remind you why you love traveling so much. So we say “Yes” all the time. From desserts to main meals, everything is available in every corner and at all hours. So stoked! It’s not only about the convenience but also about the special tastes that you can’t possibly understand without experiencing them yourself. Here’s a list of food you must try when you’re in Da Nang.

6. Playing chess game

Retired dads can be easily spotted playing ‘Co Tuong’ (Game of the General) right on the pavement along Bach Dang Street or in small coffee shops. The seniors find this hobby an absolute blast to maintain their brain power and socialise with friends.

7. Drinking 

People. Are you interested in getting to know people? Vietnamese are not into small talk. We’re into long talk and big talk through some booze. “Let’s get a drink” is what your local friend would say when you’re in Da Nang. We drink when we are sad or happy, at a party or a big ceremony. A bit of alcohol helps you strike up conversations with strangers, learn more about the city and each other’s life and loves. In the end, you might gain some close friendships from your travel. Win, win!

8. Going to karaoke bars

One of our distinctive cultural customs is karaoke singing. Karaoke is a bonding activity for ordinary people, for friends, family and couples. It’s quite similar to open mic in the West, but we prefer singing in a private room to freely sing our hearts out and dance like no one cares. You should let your guard down and express your emotions through songs.

9. Strolling along the beach 

Calling all beach lovers! Da Nang has many fabulous and tranquil beaches for you to stroll the long expanse of sand or head to the water to escape the heat. We love a short stroll down the beach bare-feet at night to hear the sound of waves advancing softly on the shore, to watch skyscrapers and Buddha on the top of the mountain. Every detail and texture of the land and sea comes alive. The moment finally frozen. These are things you can’t find anywhere else.

10. Enjoy free performance on My Khe Beach

We love live performances where many people gather to listen to their favorite singer and dance together in electronic music. These pop-up concerts are sponsored by big companies to advertise their products with celebrity endorsement. So if you want to see the current famous Vietnamese celebrities and enjoy free live music, keep an eye out for these events.

Even if you’re just spending a short time in Vietnam, give yourself over to the culture, hold on for the ride and for new experiences before your return home. There are plenty of things you should do in Da Nang and our team is here to help you create lasting memories and stories of adventure and learning in Vietnam. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a message to say hi! We’d love to hear from you.