Vietnam Faces The ‘Renewables’ Challenge

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My country is rushing headlong into the modern world and is already one of the 18 outperforming emerging economies listed this year.

But Vietnam needs more capacity to meet the rapidly growing energy demand it requires.  The path we choose to build this capacity will have far-reaching implications, especially in protecting my amazing country’s environment.

The first wind farm in Vietnam went into operation in 2018

The fast-moving developments in both wind and solar power show our efforts to produce nearly 11% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030, may not be enough.  A whitepaper from McKinsey & Company said ‘renewables’ could become Vietnam’s low-cost option to meet its growing energy needs.

Other’s agree with me!  Our solar energy sector is a gold rush.  The list of renewable energy projects registered by overseas and domestic financiers in Vietnam is growing.

Da Nang is the 3rd city of Vietnam. 

My hometown is a fast increasing destination for international visitors as part of their Vietnam Holidays.  With its long coastline, 2,000 sunlight hours yearly and average wind speeds of 3mps, it has great renewable energy potential.

Solar Panels being installed against the Da Nang skyline

Already there is a pilot project funded by the European Union.  This to design and install solar energy systems at our General Hospital, Oncology Hospital, two schools and six households.  My city is also planning a huge solar farm on a closed landfill site at a cost of $US5m.  It is hoped this will help reduce 5000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

My clients who visit as part of their Vietnam holidays will be experiencing our own small efforts.  30 per cent of Da Nang’s population already uses solar power to heat domestic water.  I have two ‘hot-water’ tanks on the roof of my house!  While about twenty 4* & 5* hotels/resorts use solar power water heating system.

There is much to do, and it will take us time to ‘catch-up’ with more developed countries.  But as you tour Vietnam I hope you will see we are making good progress!