Vietnam Coffee Culture – Top-5 Coffee Shops in Da Nang

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Starbucks is making slow progress here against our Vietnamese Coffee Culture with its unique coffee tastes. I know the company offers good service and modern design space. For us, it’s hard to forget the taste of our country’s coffee enjoyed as we chat with friends – coffee in a variety of coffee shop styles, from the classic to a fusion of Asian-Western styles.

So, here are my Top-5 coffee shops for your Vietnam itinerary when visiting my hometown – Da Nang.

1. Long Coffee

Address: No 123, Le Loi Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang

Of all my Top-5 coffee shops Long Coffee is the oldest and for generations of locals it’s been a slice of home, filled with wooden tables and tiny chairs. Because rather than following modern trends, Long Coffee has remained true to its founder’s traditional vision and is always busy, it’s rare to see visitors from overseas here. And that’s precisely why I introduce my clients to Vietnamese coffee culture at Long Coffee!

You sit at group tables on small wooden chairs and drink coffee that trickles from a tiny hole (“Phin” in Vietnamese). For a regular taste, you wait 3-5 minutes for hot black coffee to drop into your glass while chatting and sharing this unique atmosphere. It’s always crowded, always noisy, and always authentic Vietnam!

Time to take a picture before enjoying our Vietnamese coffee & tea!

2. NAM house

Address: No 1, 15 Lane, Le Hong Phong Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang

Sometimes to get away from the crowds, I want to take a break in a quiet corner with a book from my favourite author. And “NAM house” is THE place to go. Unusually, NAM house represents the Vietnam atmosphere of the ’70s & ’80s with it’s yellow-walls, vintage items of furniture and slogans used during these times.

Nam house from the street (@foodholicvn)
Nam house order area. So retro! (@namhouse)

In addition to Nam house quality coffee, there is one important product that brings me back again and again – egg coffee! It’s based on just three ingredients; ground coffee powder, sweetened condensed milk and of course a fresh egg, each barista will make this Vietnamese speciality in their own secret style.

This is egg-coffee in NAM house. I’ve tried this in Hanoi and have never forgetten its taste. At last, it’s available in Da Nang so I can enjoy this style of coffee again! (@lumythecould)

A standard egg-coffee will have soft and light brown coffee on top of the cup. And when drinking you will feel a light sweetness from condensed milk, coffee powder and a little egg flavour in the first layer. Below this a layer of milk coffee. Unusual, yes! But as you enjoy the layers it really makes sense!

At NAM house you can also enjoy a full range of fruit beverages and healthy smoothies, so when in Da Nang take a seat next to their door and enjoy your time watching our world passing you by!

3. Brewman Coffee Concept

Address: No 21, 27A Lane, Thai Phien Street, Phuoc Ninh District, Da Nang

Less is more!

Locating down a small lane, you immediately feel the quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The young staff and baristas are really friendly and their coffee is good, especially their coconut coffee (my cup of tea!). When you order they bring a glass full of coconut ice-cream and a small bottle of pure coffee on a wooden tray, and you mix them together before enjoying. And depending on your caffeine level, you can add all the coffee bottle or perhaps just a half!

Inside the Brewman (@Brewmancoffeeconcept)
Coconut coffee (@Xuantuvietnamtours)

Unlike at Long Coffee shop with its single “Phin” for one cup, at Brewman coffee is ‘brewed’ in 5 large coffee pots and it drains into glasses below. Before serving an individual coffee, hot water is added to the customers taste.

Although small for a Vietnamese coffee shop, I think you will like this place. Just try it and relax!

Milk coffee for the morning! (@xuantuvietnamtours)

4. Cong Caphe

No 98-96, Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
No 39-41, Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang 

I loved “Cong Caphe” when I first saw its classic design which reminded me about Vietnam’s subsidy period in the late 20th century. At that time, people didn’t buy anything, instead of they received their foods or essential things by special stamps from the government.

A corner of Cong Caphe on Bach Dang streetm near Han river (@gourmii.jpn)

Besides, I was really impressed with the staff uniform as the workers in a coffee factory with two colors red and green. And of course, they were very nice and took care of customers carefully. Cong is also a successful coffee shop when launching its brand in Korea with a shop in Seoul. And it may explain a part of the reason why Korean tourists love choosing Cong for their travel in Vietnam.

When coming here I usually order the fruit beverage, but you can choose coffee for yours. It also has good taste and easy to drink. They also serve a range of cake to compliment their coffee – always a temptation when I take a break here! One more thing, you can choose the outside space on the pavement for your coffee time, it’s really nice to see the Danang daily life and beautiful Han river.

5. The Espresso Station

No 2, 28 Lane, Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoi An
No 4, 169 Lane, Tran Phu Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang

Of all my top-5 coffee shops The Espresso Station is not my own discovery, it was recommended by a lovely friend who also enjoys our Coffee Culture. It also has a shop in Hoi An as well as Da Nang city. I think their coffee product and smoothie range is ‘knockout’. So much so that my team often take clients to their Hoi An shop opened in 2015.

The Expresso Station frontage in Da Nang city (@theespressostation)
Inside its Da Nang coffee shop (@theespressostation)
The Expresso Station in Hoi An ‘old town’ (@suyoung_16n)

According to staff, all coffee beans and powders are sourced in the central highland region of Da Lat, some of the best land and weather to grow Arabica coffee in Vietnam. I think The Espresso Station offers whats best in Da Lat’s vintage style coffee – between classic & modern.

My US clients at Hoi An’s Expresso Station (@xuantuvietnamtours)
Enjoying coconut coffee during a Xuan Tu’s Hoi An private tour! (@xuantuvietnamtours)
Delicious drinks and smoothies! (@ebbaatrysefjord)

One tip for my visitors, The Expresso Station in Da Nang is very near Con Ga Catholic Cathedral (or ‘Rooster Church’), built by the French priest Louis Vallet in 1923 on Tran Phu street. Open from 5.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday (to 5.00pm weekends) you can take in some our colonial and religious history then enjoy all that’s good about Vietnam’s Coffee Culture.

Da Nang Cathedral (@sshyo__95)

So, my top-5 coffee shops in Da Nang. A mix of the traditional and modern, trendy and retro, large and small. But each in their own way mirrors the uniqueness of Vietnamese Coffee Culture – something you must experience on your Vietnam travels.