Tips and tricks for anyone traveling with kids

We travel for similar reasons: to make ordinary days stand out in memory; to ensure that life isn’t just one long blur. We often travel to break free of the grid of everyday life, but for chronically tired parents traveling with kids or babies, we know it’s not that easy. 

You must be wondering if Vietnam is suitable for traveling with your little ones? Our answer would be “Yes” depending on which part of the country you choose and how well you plan your trip. We reckon we know a thing or two about it so here are some of our tips and things to be taken into consideration before you go:

1.   Choose a suitable location

Vietnam is consisted of 3 regions and each has its own popular destinations. Which one is best for the kiddies you ask? While Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh cities own their daily hustle and bustle of life, Da Nang is more laid-back and offers a lot of fun things to do for families with kids. 

Your kids will particularly take interest in the local people who are very down-to-earth and places (clean city and breathtaking nature), to look and learn. Everything you see or they see is new and emotionally affecting, basic tasks like eating authentic local cuisine and sleeping in beautiful resorts will take on a heightened significance. Entertainment can be found in the simplest curiosities, as in learning about the local lifestyle. FYI: Tra Que Herb Village or Cam Thanh Coconut Village is a worth-it visit. 

2.   Check the weather

You should ensure the weather is nice during the time of your trip. Is it dry or rainy season?  The best time to visit Viet Nam is spring ( From Feb to April ) and autumn ( From Agust to October ) Your kiddos are likely sensitive to the heat and might get agitated with the humid, persistent perspiration and rain. Figure out what to dress for the weather and pack refreshing drinks to replace the fluids you’re losing. All things considered, let the weather work in your favor and have a jolly time here.

3.   Plan your journey

It’s worth pre-booking accommodation for the first few nights. Make sure you have all standard documents for authorization and check in online to cut out queuing. Traveling with kids forces you to use your time more wisely. Plan at a slower pace and be realistic about what you can cover with little ones in tow. Be flexible and ready to spend a day indoors in case your munchkins need to rest. A smooth itinerary will make your holiday more enjoyable and stress-free, that’s why we design private tours to make sure all members of your family are well cared for and each day is an intrepid discovery of delights.

4.   Pack the luggage

Have you ever walked all the way home from the supermarket carrying the bulk of one week’s groceries? It’s 10 times worse to carry huge luggage on your travel. On the road, live more simply, with no more possessions than you can carry and only bring enough necessary things with you. Preparing things for your children is an important part. Bring insect repellent (or mosquito net if you have a baby), clothes to cover everyone up in the evenings, sunglasses, sunscreen and hats with wide brims for playing outdoors. Baby diapers can be bought here so you only need to pack for the first two days.

5. Find comfy accommodation

Hotels, villas or homestay you name it!!! Choose a child-friendly accommodation and once checked in, make sure the room is secure. Is everything sturdy or wobbly? Check the door locks, windows, balconies, hot water temperature, etc. A tranquil place near local residents and the breathtaking beach is always a fantastic idea. We welcome you to our lovely homestay to experience hearty hospitality, enjoy the most delicious homemade vegan food every morning, tailored to your taste. 

6.   Transportation

If you have more than one child, you want to choose a spacious vehicle. Cars and trains are probably the best options. On one hand, you can rent a private driver to have more control of your time or book a Grab car on the go, however, you’re dependent on the driver availability, peak hours and weather conditions. On the other hand, trains in Vietnam are for traveling between cities. Da Nang train station welcomes daily trains from North to South.

7. Avoid getting sick 

Water: It’s not safe to drink water from the tap in Vietnam so you should always have bottled water. Even locals never drink tap water, they boil or filter water at home instead. Make sure your kids don’t drink from taps, including when brushing teeth.

Food: Eat only thoroughly cooked and hot meals from carefully selected establishments. Especially for your kids, avoid raw meat, fish and herbs.

Planning your family trip to Vietnam? After 5 years providing tailored tours in Central Vietnam for thousands of families from overseas, you’re in a safe pair of hands with Xuan Tu Vietnam Tours.  Feel free to have a look around to find out more about our quest to show international friends our wonderful country and our young passionate team who put their hearts into their work.