Following Xuan Tu to explore Sơn Trà Lighthouse – A beautiful hidden angle in Da Nang

I am Danang-er, have been lived here for more than 20 years, yet there are still many places that I have not heard of and been to, waiting for me to explore and then fall in love with. Following my journey today, I will take you to the place off the beaten track for most tourists, escaping from the hustle of daily life and chilling out in the little time you have in Da Nang. The place, named as “Sơn Trà Lighthouse“, is at the foot of Son Tra Peninsula, just before the road going up hills to Linh Ứng Pagoda (Lady Buddha Pagoda). This hidden charm is behind the reeds field, but there is a small road to enter just right beside Út Mơ coffee shop. Before starting my journey, it is worth to highlight here that if you are in Da Nang in October to November, the reeds field here will offer you an enchanting beauty that you should not miss. Entire field sways in the wind, forming dazzling golden waves under the sunlight.
Walking through the beautiful reed fields to “Son Tra lighthouse”
Geared myself up for the journey, I left home around 3:30 pm. The sky was a bit cloudy, but I could not ask more than that at this time of the year. Riding along the beautiful road up to Linh Ứng pagoda is a short trip that I always love to do, taking myself away from the daily routine of urban life and immersing myself into the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere in Son Tra Peninsula.
On the way to Linh Ung Pagoda.
Linh Ứng pagoda is one of the most attractive destinations in Da Nang for both locals and tourists, famous for its 67 – m – tall Lady Buddha (Guanyin) Statue kindly looking after and protecting Da Nang people from storms, we believe. Not just for praying and worshipping, visiting Linh Ứng pagoda is to take time for myself, to self-reflect and to seek the peace of mind. And as always, I stood in awe of the panoramic view from the pagoda courtyard: vast space, endless sky, endless ocean and mesmerizingly white sandy beach, feeling the cool breeze and truly happily enjoying the view.
67m – tall Lady Buddha (Guanyin) Statue in Linh Ung Pagoda.
A beautiful panoramic view of the city from Linh Ung Pagoda
Slowly the sun went down in the west, lighting up everything with yellowish orange. Leaving the temple, I rode back down, following the road I went up and head to the place that I want to take you to today. It was about 5 p.m. The place was not hard to find. Safely parking my motorbike, walking along a small trail through the reeds field, a beautiful view was right in front of my eyes, peaceful fishing village and beautifully tranquil Da Nang covered by the mist from the ocean. Unlike other stunning white sandy beaches of Da Nang, the beach features many large rocks heaping together and stretching out towards the sea at “Sơn Trà Lighthouse” beach. Many locals come here, choose their comfortable spots, talk to friends and enjoy a few bottles of beer after long working days. There is a used lighthouse placed on the beach, which is why the place is called “Sơn Trà Lighthouse”. The lighthouse stands there alone, just like a retired old coastguard is recalling memories of the old day, lighting the ocean and watching over the city. For me, “Sơn Trà Lighthouse” offers a mix of relaxation, excitement and exploration.  Walking on rocks, taking in the fresh sea air, finding a comfortable spot, sitting down, listening to the sound of the sea, feeling the cool breeze from the ocean, enjoying a bottle of beer, talking to my friends, watching the sun slowly hid behind the mountains in the west and cast its enchanting golden rays on everything … the beautiful and peaceful moment that I hardly forget.
Sunset in Son Tra Lighthouse
The sky got darker, the sea breeze got colder, the city was lighted up, the waves glowed up with varied colours. I left the place, went back home. It was 6:30 pm… P/S: If you need a little help to find the way to “Sơn Trà lighthouse” or If you want to find a local companion for your little time in “Sơn Trà lighthouse”, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am more than happy to share with you interesting stories about my beloved hometown and its people and to listen to your inspiring journey.