Xin chào! and welcome to central Vietnam and my blog. I am Mai Xuân Tú and my surname is MAI. In Vietnam, the custom is for surnames to precede first names – mine are Xuân Tú (pronounced Soong To).

I am founder and CEO of ‘Xuân Tú Tours Co Ltd.’, and government licensed as a Vietnamese Tour Operator for international visitors to my amazing country. I’m really inspired to be top-rated by my customers on the influential TripAdvisor travel website.

I started my company in early 2013 with a simple philosophy: “to benefit my country and its people while providing an outstanding and unique experience for our overseas visitors”. With my team, I provide Private Touring Services to central Vietnam’s key attractions including the booming city of Da Nang, UNESCO listed Hoi An, our imperial city of Hue and the holy place of My Son – not forgetting the beautiful rural countryside, jungle settings and mountain ranges that surround us.

Da Nang is my ‘hometown’ and I am really proud and passionate about my country, my people and my culture. I speak English extremely well, having been educated at Da Nang University with a BA in languages and living for a time in Australia specifically to study English.

My blog allows me to talk about everyday life in Vietnam and give my overseas visitors a much better understanding of my country, its people and their customs. I hope you find my thoughts and information provided of interest.  I would really love your feedback and comments either through my tour website contact page or here on my blog.