It was an honour for Xuan Tu Viet Nam Tour to be with Evelyn Yu’s family from Hong Kong during their two-day journey discovering Da Nang – the most liveable city in Viet Nam and beautiful Hoi An Ancient Town on 25th and 26th August 2018.

Evelyn’s Family at Thuy Son – Water Mountain

Evelyn Yu’s family visited Da Nang to attend the wedding ceremony of one of their family members at the stunning beach in Da Nang. And we – Xuan Tu Team luckily had a wonderful time together with the whole family in Da Nang and Hoi An ancient town. Moreover, it was so amazing to know that their family member once travelled to Da Nang, fell in love with this city, then decided to come back and hold the wedding ceremony here.

Now, let’s look back at two unforgettable days of Xuan Tu Team with Evelyn Yu’s family!

At 10 am on 25th August, Xuan Tu team met all 40 members of Evelyn’s family for the first time at their stay place. We did have a warm welcome and got to know each other before heading up to the first destination.

Our first stop was Thuỷ Sơn (Water Mountain), a separated mountain in the cluster of five marble mountains in Da Nang known as the Marble Mountains. Within 30-minute visit, we had an amazing journey through the long history of this place together with traditional Vietnamese temple architecture and Vietnamese Buddhist culture.

We then head to Ba Na Hills. It was the first time the whole family experiencing Ba Na cable car, which was recognised as the world longest one-wire sling with the length of 5.042,62 m and the world greatest elevation between stations with the difference of 1.291,81m. We did enjoy the fantastic view of the intact primary forest and the spectacular view of Da Nang city from Ba Na Hills.

Evelyn’s mom – a wonderful lady who was always positive, energetic, motivated and passionate to know more about anything new.

On the second day, we visited Hoi An Ancient town with so much fun and happy memories. We got on board, sat back and enjoyed the beautiful view of Hoi An ancient town from the riverside and thrillingly yet excitingly set our foot on Cau Khi (Monkey Bridge) to enter Cam Kim island. Evelyn’s family then experienced locals’ peaceful life and were amazed observing locals creating different traditional handicrafts: traditional wooden fishing vessels, artistic wooden craft in Kim Bong village.

Everyone was at the wooden fishing vessel manufacturing area. and Mr. Lam from Xuan Tu Tour was talking about how to build wooden fishing vessels using traditional techniques

And the not-to-be-forgot experience for  Evelyn’s family was to get hands-on experience making fresh noodles using the traditional method. We then visited Tra Que organic vegetable village and had a delicious Vietnamese traditional lunch. Especially, Xuan Tu team surprised Howards on his birthday with our “delicious” homemade birthday cake.

Back to Hoi An Ancient town, we walked along the narrow streets and alleys of Hoi An ancient town to discover historic buildings and dive into the enchanting old yellow-walled houses and old brown rooftop. We got lost in the charming beauty of gorgeous flower trellis and stunning lanterns at small street corners and in front of small houses. Then chose a random coffee shop, we enjoyed a delicious refreshing coconut coffee, which had a unique and special flavour – a mix of sweetness from condensed milk, cream from coconut milk and a touch of bitter from Vietnamese black coffee.

Waiting for coconut coffee 🙂

Two days were not long but enough for Xuan Tu tour to have an unforgettable time with Evelyn’s family. We might not have a lot of pictures together, but a photo album – a little gift from Xuan Tu team capturing happy moments should be enough to tell a story of our two wonderful days discovering Da Nang and Hoi An. Again, it was truly Xuan Tu Team’s pleasure to be a part of Evelyn’s family travelling in Da Nang and Hoi An. 

We could not finish our day without enjoying Hoi An Ancient town at night, which was lighted up with enchanting light from beautiful lanterns.

Xuan Tu Team hopes that all members of Evelyn’s family will always be happy, have good health and remember the memories we created together here in Da Nang and Hoi An.

A lovely little gift from Xuan Tu Team to Evelyn’s family.

Here is the full journey of Evelyn  Yu’s family with Xuan Tu Vietnam Tours:

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