Today is 20th October, Vietnam is celebrating Vietnamese Women’s Day. It is the time for the whole country to show their love and respect to their beloved women, which could be their mom, aunts, sisters or friends. It is also the time for everyone in Viet Nam to cherish and remember all sacrifices and contributions that Vietnamese women have made for the families and for the country and to honour the roles and importance of women in the society.

Vietnamese Women’s day

Vietnamese women’s core life value is to sacrifice for their family, taking full responsibility for caring for the whole family, having a strong will to carry the weight of the world on their shoulder and overcoming any challenge in life to make sure their family, especially their kids have a good education and good life.

Until today, Vietnamese women have enjoyed more freedom, respect, equality to men and they have moved a long way to take greater roles in society. But for most the Vietnamese women, their core value of life still lies in sacrifice for the family; indeed, their greatest priority is their family, building happy families and giving their children great care.

Today is for Vietnamese women. Today, everyone in the country cherishes their loved women with beautiful flowers and gifts. However, Tu hopes that not only today but Vietnamese women will also be loved and cherished every day. More importantly, Vietnamese women will be given more opportunities to develop their careers and to take in social and political roles like men.

Happy Vietnamese Women’s day to all Vietnamese women!

Took care of their children and their grandchildren. Sacrificing for their family has been a core life value of most Vietnamese women.

Doesn’t matter how heavy they have to carry on their shoulder, they overcome all to earn basic income to raise their kids.

Hidden Smiles by Réhahn Croquevielle

As a Vietnamese woman, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude, appreciation to all Vietnamese women out there for all of the hard work, passion, dedication and selflessness. May your day be filled with happiness, love and smiles to pass on!

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