I was guiding a family from the UK this week, and this reminded me of a friend in Wales who explained how certain words and pictures can suddenly remind people of Vietnam.  I know that probably the most famous three words that people recognize about my country are “Good Morning, Vietnam!”.

So it’s sad to read of the passing of Adrian Cronauer recently, aged 79.  He was the inspiration for Robin Williams’ character in the famous 1987 film ‘Good Morning, Vietnam’.

Mr Cronauer was in the US Air Force in 1965 when he was sent to Saigon. His first job was as news director for Armed Forces Radio there, but when the morning host’s slot became vacant shortly after his arrival, he settled in behind the microphone. The show was called “Dawn Buster,” and he began it with the drawn-out greeting immortalized in the movie’s title.

I hope Adrian has now found peace.




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