There’s not really a right or wrong time to visit Vietnam.  During most months of the year, you’ll likely experience both sunshine and rain in varying quantities. Welcome to my country:  a tropical climate, 3,260 kilometres of coastline and three different weather systems – north, central & south!

Whilst Vietnam is typically hot and humid, the weather can vary significantly from one region to another due to the country’s length. At times there has been snow (yes white snow!) in the mountainous far north whilst the beaches in the south enjoyed 32 °C and sunshine.

The main visitor centres of central Vietnam, Hoi An, Hue & Da Nang enjoy ‘summer’ months that are hot and mainly dry weather from mid-January to late August, with temperatures gradually reaching the mid to upper 30’s°C – it can rain at any time, often showers which last just a short time and clear quickly.

During ‘winter’ months the rainfall increases during October and November with December achieving peak levels, very occasionally in the form of typhoons – yet November & December is one of THE peak visitor periods in Vietnam, especially December when many hotels and Tour Operators are fully booked!

Our imperial city of Hue is often cooler than Da Nang & Hoi An, especially early in the year, and with Hue & Da Nang sitting on opposite sides of a small mountain range the weather can differ between the two on any given day.

If you want more weather information, and how it might impact on your holiday plans to central Vietnam, please do contact me.

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