In general, when visiting Vietnam the dress code is casual but conservative unless you are asked to ‘dress up’ for dinner in our top-end hotels and restaurants. Skimpy shorts and T-Shirts can be considered offensive even in the larger cities like Hue (where city authorities have recently imposed a basic dress code for visitors) – and definitely so in Vietnam’s rural areas.

An afternoon at Cam Kim Village in Xuan Tu’s Hoi An private tour

Be aware that when entering a Vietnamese home, local dwellings, or visiting religious sites like temples and pagodas, it’s a must-do to remove footwear at the front door.

Most importantly, respectful attire when visiting temples and pagodas is essential. This means no shorts above the knee or singlet tops or to show bare midriffs or cleavage. Shoulders, chest & legs should be covered and failure to do this will inevitably mean entry is refused.

Please ask me if you have any concerns. Remember our South East Asian sun can be fierce and more coverage also means better sun protection – just check-out our Vietnamese girls on their scooters!

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